Clandesdiner is a secret monthly supper club in Bristol.  


I have cooked in many places including restaurants, celebrity homes, a theatre ship and numerous others. I love to cook, I love to look after people and I love a sense of occasion. All these I combine into Clandesdiner, my glorious secret supper club. To invite people into my home to cook for them is my greatest pleasure.

Each of our monthly supper clubs is a unique, colourful and special occasion. My aim is to provide a one-off dining experience combining great food with a sense of theatre and celebration in a relaxed environment.

My menus reflect the seasons, I use the best ingredients and source as much produce locally as possible. For 6 courses I ask for a donation of £30 which diners are invited to leave in the top hat at the end of the evening. Diners are also invited to bring their own drinks and a sense of excitement. Please wear whatever you like.


To find out when the next supper clubs are happening please go to the "Event Diary" section from which bookings can be made. Once you have booked, you will be informed of the location. Vegetarian options are available on all menus and all dietary requirements can happily be catered for. 


We also provide a bespoke location event catering service. This brings Clandesdiner to your home or chosen location for whatever occasion you are celebrating.

For more information on any of the above, please email